2016 was year of the bot. So 72andSunny approached Smirnoff with concept to elevate their drinks engine platform.

To reach Smirnoff fans everywhere, we launched a faster and more visually oriented experience on Facebook Messenger that uses texts, carousel units, quick reply responses, photos and GIFs. This opened a direct channel for Smirnoff to interact with their consumers on a 1:1 basis—instantly and at scale. Consumers can simply send Smirnoff a message on Facebook to begin.

We partnered with the courier Drizly to make ordering drinks as easy as sending a text message. In addition to the delivery feature we equipped our vodka bot with hundreds of recipes and a drinks randomizer for the more indecisive Smirnoff drinker.

From concept to execution, I served as co-lead writer. The entire team jammed on the UX and we partnered up with rehab studio to bring it to life.

Conversational UX

how it works 

You just say hi. Promise you’re 21+ and then you’re in. It’s as easy as sending a text message. Our feature set includes three user flows:

  • Where to Buy + order for delivery via Drizly
  • Search by Occasion, Ingredient, Taste, Product 
  • Surprise Me feature serves up random recipes 


The 'Surprise Me' feature was a simple way to serve up random recipes. 

recipe finder

using emojis and plain text, users can search to find recipes based on their plans, mood or ingredients. 

designing a bot with personality 
With the conversation as our interface, crafting the right words became crucial. Designing a conversational UX useful enough that allows the brand TOV to shine through while getting users where they want to be without too many steps. 


keeping it light

after microsofts chatbot went rogue we tried to craft a language that kept the mood light even in the event of bot-brain farts. 

chat with smirnoff's barbot here!